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01 October, 2018

October 2018 Main Challenge

Are you ready for a very fun and messy October Main Challenge?!

Our Main Challenge is based on a word inspiration and a creative challenge.

Word Inspiration - LEISURE
Creative Challenge - SPLATS

What does the word LEISURE inspire you to create?
You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project 
or simply be inspired by it.  Since words are an integral part of our challenges, we want to know how this month's word stimulated your creative process, so please do explain in your blog post how 
it inspired you if it isn't obvious in your work.

This month, our challenge concept is all about having fun! Remember when you were a child and you loved to play with paint and create splatters? Well, we at More Than Words still love to do this! Our creative challenge for you is to take your paints, inks, stains, etc and add SPLATS to your project.

Please check out all our challenge rules in the RULES tab above.

Now let's see what our fabulous designers have come up with!

Heather: What better way to spend LEISURE time than with a game of chasey! These kids loved it when my husband played chasey with them. I created many SPLATS on my background with Tinby Designs Metallic Melts as well as stamps. I feel that the splatters help to reinforce the movement of the photo.

France: Our new favorite LEISURE activity is exploring some beautiful scenery on our bikes. It's fun now that the boys are older, we are starting to have more time as a couple. Spending a few hours per weekend exploring new areas is truly amazing. For the creative part of the challenge, I opted for a mix of SPLATS of ink 
and gesso on my layout. 

Martina: I only have a few LEISURE activities dear to me, but one of my favorites is definitely creating. I love spending time in the creative process. This is how this canvas came to life. When it was almost ready, I created SPLATTERS with gold paint. You can watch my video tutorial right HERE if you are interested.

Mary: As a mother of three kids, my free time is very limited. My only LEISURE time is early in the morning when all are still sleeping and I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee by my own. For the creative challenge I added lots of SPLATTERS 
with paint and gesso.

Anguree: This photo of us with our feet up on a bench next to the sea reminded me of LEISURE and fun times.  We did a photoshoot of our wedding anniversary and I remember how much we giggled and laughed. It was a photo that the photographer's assistant suggested and it's just one of those timeless moments captured on camera. Life is too fast, and too often, we run so hard that we forget to allow ourselves a bit of leisure time. I added lots of white SPLATS on my page for the creative challenge.

Nicole: No one knows how to have fun better than a child! This is what came to mind when I saw the word inspiration this month. LEISURE is all about enjoying oneself to the fullest so I thought that documenting these photos of my niece enjoying a Summer's day at the park would be perfect. For the creative challenge, I took out lots of different paint mists and had a little fun myself creating a colourful 
SPLATS-y mess on my background.

Caroline: I've always been creative. My LEISURE time has always been spent creating something. In the last years I discovered crocheting. Some people around me asked me to crochet hats for them and quickly it became a big success! This picture is a display stand I have in a coffee shop near my house. They now sell my Winter hats and I'm very proud of this! For our creative challenge, I chose white SPLATS to brighten up my composition.

Asia: I created an art journal page inspired by the word LEISURE. For me, busy mum and wife, my everyday leisure time is around 30 minutes in the morning when I can sit, read something and drink my coffee. This is my time; beware anyone who feels like disrupting it! It's my leisure and my 'simple passion' in one. Another passion of mine is splattering so this creative challenge was perfect for me. I really put my heart into all the SPLATS on my page.

Daisy: Since my childhood I have liked playing video games. As I get older, it's a LEISURE activity that I still enjoy. I like to liberate myself in this way and escape to another world. I am very lucky because the man who shares my life likes to play video games as well. It must be said that we have enjoyed lots of quality time together practicing this hobby that we have in common. I have added SPLATS of blue, aquamarine and bronze on my background to give 
a little grunge feel to my layout. 

Janice: This month's gorgeous graphic and the word LEISURE inspired me to create a layout using this photo of my daughter's favorite pair of sneakers that she had as a teen. A popular brand and worn by many of her peers, she really wanted a pair. It took her a while to save enough money to buy them, and once she did, she loved them and wore them at every opportunity. Many a sport activity and time of leisure did she have in these shoes! For the creative challenge, I used a CWS stencil and pink ink and white watered down gesso flicked from 
my paintbrush to create some SPLATS.

Sivan: I'm a busy mom, but I have many hobbies that I love doing almost every day. One thing that I really love to do is spending good time with my hubby, just walking together and creating for us some good LEISURE time.  In this intense life, it's so important not to neglect these little moments spent together.  The creative challenge inspired me to create a lot of SPLATTERS to increase 
the movement of my composition.

Rosalie: With such busy lives that we all lead, it is important to have some LEISURE time and remember to look after yourself. Some regular much deserved me time is a must! The SPLATS are in dark green and gold paints. I have also added sprays across the page and copper embossed stamping.

Anat: Back in Brazil, near our house, there is a square where every weekend a wide range of children's activities take place. That is our family's favorite LEISURE time on the weekend. In the picture my daughter is riding her motorcycle which she loves! I added SPLATS on my white canvas in all colours to give it a happy feel 
as we have always experienced in this place.

Torsa: To me LEISURE means a cup of coffee and my favorite book. Yes, I am a bookworm! If I get some more time, I love to do fussy cutting for my upcoming projects including this one. I also used a few black, pink and white SPLATS, 
inspired by the creative challenge.

Heike: One of our favorite LEISURE activities is to visit the cities in our country. This photo is from St. Martin's Cathedral of Utrecht. For the creative challenge I added with a brush black and purple colour SPLATTERS.

Valerie: The favorite LEISURE activity of my daughter's is to play in the sand while out camping. She loves to discover shells and hermit crabs. For the creative challenge I added some SPLATS with ink sprays.

Aga: LEISURE is when I can take time for myself and do my art journal pages and create. This is the moment that I can breathe and relax. The answer to the question I added to my page 'And what is your plan for today babe? is easy... Create! And one of my favorite means of creating is to add SPLATTERS on my projects which is what I did on this page, inspired by the creative challenge.

We are hoping that our fabulous DT creations
have inspired you and that you will play along with us this month.

One look at the prizes up for grab and we know that you will not want
to miss this challenge for a chance to win some of these goodies!

(as voted by our DT)

$50 USD value prize from LINDY'S
(image below is for illustration purposes only)

(as voted by our DT, in no particular order)

$25 USD value prize from 49 AND MARKET
(image below is for illustration purposes only)

$25 USD value prize from 7 DOTS STUDIO
(image below is for illustration purposes only)

$25 CAD value prize from MAGENTA

$25 USD value prize from PION DESIGN

(picked at random from all eligible entries)

$25 USD value prize from 2CRAFTY
(image below is for illustration purposes only)

(hand picked by our Admin team - two entries not in our Top 5,
but that have that special something that captured our attention)

$25 USD value prize from FABRIKA DECORU

$25 USD value prize from AB STUDIO
(image below is for illustration purposes only)

We are very grateful to all our generous sponsors for these fabulous prizes.
To learn more about any of them, click on the SPONSORS tab above.

We are looking forward to seeing your entries into out
October Main Challenge LEISURE & SPLATS!

Link up your projects using our LinkyTook in the right sidebar
by October 31 at 11:55 pm EST.


  1. what an inspirational post DT... I am sure I will splat something up, my fav thing to do.x

  2. I have just discovered this Challenge. What a totally awesome and seriously inspired art from the design team. WOW!

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