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Design Team

I am a scrapbook and mixed media artist living in the USA.  I have had many hobbies over the years, but art is the one that really gives me satisfaction. I started my adventure in art with scrapbooking, as a way to preserve memories, after the birth of my first daughter. I have expanded my areas of interest since then and have grown to love the creative outlet that art provides. I like to work with a variety of products on my projects. I frequently find inspiration in music, poetry, and pop culture. When I'm not crafting, I enjoy cooking and baking, reading, listening to music, and spending time outdoors with my family and basset hound.
Hi everyone! I'm Elle, currently living in the wilds of Scotland, UK. There has always been paint and paper in my life for as long as I can remember. I am a mixed media style artist, cardmaker, and art journalist. I'm inspired by many things and I don't feel like I have a particular style but it can get messy and I definitely love mixing my mediums! I love colour, vintage, watercolour, flowers, texture, layers, stamps, dies, stencils, paint, ink and paper. I am drawn to purple and turquoise and teal, and quite often pink... although I am definitely not a "pink" person... there is something about that colour in art that is very appealing... and of course black goes with everything! I am very messy and usually covered in some kind of paint or ink. I also like reading, nature, cats, travelling, baking, sewing, crochet and listening to audiobooks while I craft. I have been blogging since 2005 and you can find me at Empire of the Cat, where I share my crafty adventures.
Hi! My name is Heather McMahon and I’m from Australia. I live on a small farm with my husband. My two university-aged kids often come home too. I’ve been scrapping for about 20 years and I never tire of it. Ok, I confess, I’m obsessed! I love the way scrapping keeps evolving and that anything goes when it comes to styles, products and creativity. I love the camaraderie among scrappy ladies and the way we can connect with people around the world. I also love to travel and have no end of travel photos to scrap! 

Hello, nice to meet you here on the More Than Words blog. My name is Heike, aka Heike's AugenBlick. I live in the oldest city of The Netherlands. I am happily married with the love of my life, and together we have four grown children, 
one son-in-law, and three grandkids. My passion for scrapbooking started in 2010. What started with mini books, cards and tags, has spread rapidly into art journaling, and 30cm x 30cm layouts. I have different styles from romantic to abstract... everything can be found in my art work. If someone had told me 10 years ago that my world would revolve around stamps, stencils, bold colors, and my handsome hubby (my biggest supporter), I would have laughed at him! During the last few years, I have designed for various design teams. At the moment, besides More Than Words, I still design for the company Scrap FX Australia. In September, 2019, my handsome husband and I started our new living project, "Tiny Living". That means I don't have my own scrap room anymore. My hobby equipment is now distributed over our tiny house. My most creative hours are in the early morning, after my morning routine with TaiChi exercises. In addition to my creative hobby, I love cooking, baking, gardening, reading, and dancing with my handsome hubby. I look forward to designing with the new team from More Than Words. Let's fill 2020, and many more years, with creative projects. Let's create beautiful moments and memories together. With friendly, creative greetings, from The Netherlands. Heike
Hi there! I'm Linda Pekrul from Canada. I have been crafting and scrapbooking pretty much all of my life. I fell in love as a child, with pencil crayons, glue, and glitter, and still... today... I'm intrigued and fascinated with it all...   scrapbooking, cardmaking, mixed media. If it piques my interest, I will try it! One of my favorite quotes about creativity is by Carl Jung, "The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves." That's what inspires me... to play with things I love!  

Hi! My name is Priya Mishra. I live in India with my husband and 7 year old son. My journey to scrapbooking and mixed media started 2 years ago and I'm now madly in love with it. I don't have a particular style and I love to experiment with each new project. I also love to read and travel. I am so happy and excited to be part of the amazing More Than Words team!

Hello scrap-friends! My name is Anastasia Tveritneva, and my pseudo on YouTube is 'Asia Koliasina'. I'm from Russia (with love), but for the last several years I have lived with my family in New Jersey, USA! I was educated as a book specialist, so paper and paints have always surrounded me! I've tried different styles and projects in scrapbooking, but lately I really like pop-up and layered designs, as well as mixed media. You should know HOW MUCH passion and desire I have for mixed media! Making video tutorials for YouTube is one of my strengths! I have had a scrapbooking channel for more than 4 years, and I gained a lot of experience during this time (and 12,000 subscribers).

Hello! My name is Anna Iwanowska, and I live in Poland. I started my adventure with scrapbooking, cardmaking, and mixed media, 12 years ago. Even before that though, I was creating handmade jewelery, and crocheting, etc. I'm also interested in photography and graphic design. My "real" work is not very artistic - I work in a small software company as client support and and tester. My work makes me happy, but my creative soul needs more space for growing and blooming. That's why an artistic hobby makes a lot of sense for me. I'm a big fan of experimenting, searching for new ways to express myself, and learning new things. My style changes as my favourite techniques do. For sure, though, I love mixed media and playing with paints. Words and hidden meanings are very important to me, so joining the More Than Words team makes my heart sing! It's going to be a beautiful adventure!

Hi! My name is Cecilia. I'm from Mexico and live in a beautiful little town. I'm the proud mother of 2 kids, a son and a daughter, who fill every day of my life with happiness and strength. They always encourage me to create and try new adventures. I have to say I didn't make crafts when I was a kid, but started sewing when my daughter was a child and loved it. Then scrapbooking arrived in my life 7 years ago and it was love at first sight! I love making albums and creating stands with chipboard. This year I discovered mixed media and now I'm addicted to this art. My favorite tool, my hands. The purpose, create memories.
Hi! My name is Daisy and I live in Quebec, Canada. I have been with the man of my life for 16 wonderful years, and we have 3 handsome boys. We also have a Husky dog and a cat. Being surrounded by my children and my animals makes me very happy. I have been doing scrapbooking since 2008, but in a more assiduous way for 6 years. As an at-home mom, creating allows me to take time for myself and it makes me feel good. My children are often the stars of my creations. I love everything about the scrapbooking world... as in trying new products and being constantly inspired by the creations of other talented scrappers. I don't think I have a particular style; I create by feeling. On my layouts I like to use flower stamps that I cut. Badges are almost always on my creations. The colours I use the most are blue and black.

Hi, my name is Di Garling & I live downunder in Australia. I am married to a very patient man. I have two grown sons & three beautiful grandchildren. I am a freelance papercrafting teacher, although scrapbooking is my first love. I owned & operated a scrapbook shop for eight years before selling the business in 2014. I now travel all round Australia, as well as abroad, teaching scrapbooking & various types of papercrafting. It really is my passion. I have been so very lucky over the years to be on some of the best design teams in the business, & for this I am so very grateful. I also own a little monthly KIT business where I sell lots of scrapbooking kits too. It all keeps me extremely busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Hi, my name is Hema and I live in India, Bangalore. I'm happy to be a designer for this awesome blog.  I'm married and the mom of an adult boy. I got into scrapbooking 4 years ago, and now I have quit my corporate job and have become a full time scrapper. Yes, I love this hobby! I taught myself after seeing so many gorgeous artists around the globe create their magic. They totally inspired me and my passion grew. I love working with colors, textures, and paints... this gives me peace. I love experimenting, and most of all, I love mixed media... especially canvas and layouts. I don't like to stick with any particular style as I'm very excited to learn new techniques and unique forms in the art that I do. By getting into scrapbooking, I have connected with many lovely people around the world, and this has been a memorable experience ever since! 

Hi! My name is Jolande, and I live in the Netherlands. I am a single pensioner. After 41 years in the army, it was time to stop working. The first year was difficult but now I am happy. There is enough time now for Nordic Walking, and of course scrapbooking and mixed media. I'm at my happiest when I work with paint and all kinds of mediums, dirty hands, and a complete mess around me. When a project is finished I clean my table before starting something new. I love to work with a blank 30cm x 30cm piece of paper and create my own layout without using patterned paper. I hope to create a lot of great layouts to show you!


Hello, I'm Katrin Meraglia. I'm 36 and I live in Italy with my family. I'm an illustrator, a mixed media artist, a youtuber, and an artist blogger. I make video tutorials of the fine arts products that I use, and I also publish a monthly series of reviews of colors, mediums and accessories. Through my videos, I share with the Italian general public the comparisons between the main aspects such as the type of painting, its features, and the quality/price factor. I have chosen to reveiw these materials for professional quality artists, hobbyists, and anyone wishing to spread beauty through art.
Hello, my name's Lanusia. I live with my dear family in the north of Ukraine, in a small provincial town. We don't have any scrapbooking shops, or any people who are fond of this hobby here, so I really appreciate my scrapbooking friends from the Internet. I've been scrapping for more than 5 years and I like this creative hobby very much. It helps me to relax and to express my thoughts and mood. I work as a teacher at school and spend most of the day with kids.  I like travelling. I wish I could visit all the countries in the world!

I live in beautiful Western Australia with my husband, daughter, and my 2 gorgeous fluffy dogs. Whenever I can, I love to spend time creating layouts using mixed media. My favourites are stencils, pastes, sprays, and creating tetured layered pages. I love the pages when they have some height and grunginess to them, but I must admit that I don't get a lot of pages to fit into my albums! A perfect scrapbooking day for me is in my craft room, watching something on youtube and having all my mixed media out, experimenting. I also love going away with my scrapbooking friends, staying in the beautiful Western Australian countryside for craft weekends. You can laugh, debrief about the the world, and learn from each other. My long term goal is to eventually scrap all of our travel photos but I think that will take many years yet!


My name's Perna Sabrina, but everyone calls me Sab. I was born and live in Genoa, Italy, a beautiful city on the sea. I am the mother of one lovely girl who is 8 years old. I have always loved papers, planners, pens, pencils, and everything that writes and create colors. About 10 years ago, I fell in love with scrapbooking. So I signed up at Asi (a scrapbooking association in Italy) and I was the representative for my region. Now, I very much love mixed media art and my favorite styles are vintage and rusty effects. I DO love colors too! I love to do different projects such as art journaling, layouts, altered objects, and decorated canvases. I am so happy and excited to be part of this great team! Thank you!


My name is Sarah. I live in France. I am married and the mother of two wonderful children who are my source of inspiration for scrapbooking. I am "addicted" to Scrap for about 8 years. Over the years I fell in love with mixed media. Today, I like to create around a word, an image, an idea. It's an honour to be part of More Than Words along with these other talented ladies.


Hello! My name is Yulia, and I'm from Russia. A year ago, I got married and now I live in two cities: Moscow and Perm. I love my family and travelling. My passion for photography has led me to a new kind of creativity - scrapbooking and mixed media! I have been doing scrapbooking since 2014. I have been on various design teams since 2015. I'm inspired by papers, chipboards, paints, and flowers! All these materials can always be found in my projects. Thank you for inviting me to become a member of your amazing team!

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